So that everyone may enjoy ANHS Grad Nite 2021, the following rules have been established.  Please read them carefully and sign the consent form to indicate your willingness to abide by the rules. Signing the consent form does not in any way commit the student to Grad Nite, your payment is your commitment. As a Senior participating in ANHS Grad Nite 2020, I agree to the following:

  • I understand there are no refunds or transfers of Grad Nite tickets, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • I understand I must present a VALID PHOTO ID upon check-in at ANHS to attend Grad Nite.  I understand that only Aliso Niguel Seniors may attend ANHS Grad Nite at Universal Studios Hollywood.
  • I understand that bus transportation will be provided, and it is the only means by which I may attend Grad Nite.
  • I am fully aware that NO ALCOHOL, DRUGS OR SMOKING will be permitted.  If I am in possession or under the influence of any such substance, my parents/guardians will be called and asked to pick me up.  I further understand I will forfeit my ticket and there will be ABSOLUTELY NO REFUND.
  • I will uphold all CUSD rules of conduct and dress.
  • I will arrive at Aliso Niguel High School by 12:30 PM (Friday after Graduation) to go through Grad Nite Check-In and board my bus.  I must remain at Universal Studios until the bus leaves to arrive back at ANHS at 5:00am, Saturday June 6th.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Dress is casual.  Due to the active nature of the party, wearing pants or shorts is suggested.
  • I understand that I am expected to cooperate with security staff completely and to display appropriate behavior.
  • I understand that ALL items that I bring with me will be thoroughly checked.  Purses and backpacks are NOT ALLOWED.